The publishing climate has changed and continues to do so on an almost daily basis.  In this new digital age, many authors are choosing to go around those gatekeepers and publish on their own or sign on with a smaller publisher. Whether keeping things strictly electronic or taking the plunge and investing in printing.  Simple, right?

Well, that’s where things START to get tricky. 

There are so many choices to make if you choose to self-publish: 

digital or print

how do I format the interior and the cover

perfect binding or saddle stitch

print a lot up front or on demand

how the heck do I distribute to book stores 

With so many decisions, how does an author decide?  And once you do, how do you make sure you’re not missing something?  Imagine how excited you will be when you tear open the package from the printer to see your dream come to life, only to discover your cover image was low resolution and instead of the crisp cover you pictured, you see nothing but unrecognizable pixels staring back at you.  Worse yet, you have two hundred more copies on the way.

Self-publishing is no longer a dirty word in the writing world, but it does have its limitations.  Working with Staccato Publishing to prepare your work gives you access to the expertise and relationships that can make the difference between boom or bust.  If you’ve poured your heart and soul into your project, you don’t want it to be discounted for a low quality cover or poor editing.  It deserves to be seen the way you’ve always seen it.  Perfect. 

Let us help.

Heather Savage, writer and lead editor, has a background that goes beyond reading every genre since childhood and picking out errors even then.  For nearly a decade, she has been an editor for print advertising and saved her company’s clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and damaged reputations.  She’s also edited for Heifer International and the Veterans Administration locally and teaches workshops on editing and publishing through local bookstores and schools.

In addition to her work with Staccato Publishing, Heather freelance edits for a number of authors and has been called on repeatedly to assist other small publishing houses behind the scenes.  More recently, she has guest blogged by request for fellow authors as well as RomCon and been a featured Author on Young Adult and Teen Reads, Sci Fi and Fantasy Goodreads book club, Self Publish or Die, Paranormal Book Club, the list goes on.

Staccato Publishing is a small, boutique publishing house with a keen eye for quality. We handle vanity publishing packages for authors and publicity for authors published with other houses or who have self-published. In the past, we have helped authors polish their work before querying agents or publishing houses. For those looking to have Staccato publish them traditionally, you should know that we are always interested in good fiction. See our submissions page for more details.


Why publish with us?

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“I would rather have ten happy, successful authors than seventy-five unknown, disillusioned authors under our banners.”  
                         -- Heather Savage, Founder
                        Editor in Chief, Staccato Publishing

“... I have grown to trust their editing suggestions completely.”

                           -- Jay Mims, author and client


Staccato Publishing truly is a company where business and family come together. With a keen eye, fast turn around time, constant communication between editors and authors and 5 star professionalism,  Staccato really is your one stop shop for all your publishing needs. With a team of editors Staccato matches the best editor to suit the author's style and voice, allowing the manuscript to remain true to the author's original idea. Highly recommended for all big and small manuscripts.        

                                                          -- Jacinta Maree, author and client