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The Empath Trilogy by HK Savage

“This is what Twilight should have been.”

                        -- Paranormal Book Club

“Everyone should read this series”

                    -- Open Book Society

Recommended - without hesitation!

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Posted May 20, 2011, 2:47 PM EST: The author’s attention to detail allows the reader to feel a part of the story as it unfolds. I felt the emotions that Claire and James were sharing and it made me more invested in the story. The intense mixture of passion, fear and confusion that Claire endured made me want to reach out to her in a way that makes HK Savage a fantastic writer. As a more recent fan of the paranormal, I found it to be a breath of fresh air from the typical vampire story. From its dangerous turns to the unique bonds built between Claire and James, Empath left me completely anticipating the next book in the trilogy.


I didn't want the plane to land!

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Posted January 9, 2011, 12:27 AM EST: I really don't like to fly but when the pilot said we were going to land, I really wasn't ready. I wanted to see how it ended. What happens? There was such a sense of urgency.I really loved this book and think the sequel should come soon.


Highly Highly Recommended

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Posted January 1, 2011, 6:14 PM EST: Unlike the books that are plaguing many shelves, this book is one to bring in a breath of fresh air. The story line was so unlike the stories that are top sellers. I enjoyed the mix of science within real life situations and made me feel like I was in the book. HK is a wonderful writer.



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Posted March 9, 2011, 3:52 PM EST: Excellent read. Unique in the idea that the "fountain of youth" could transpire from something so simple. It challenges your stance on the morality of what is right and wrong, then questions you on how far you'd go. Can't wait for the sequel... there is going to be a sequel right?


Review of HK Savage’s The Path by Adele, Moderator for YA Fantasy/ Sci Fi group on Goodreads:

4 out of 5 stars

This is definitely one book that I would be able to do a re read (numerous times I think).

It's definitely a keeper.  I grew to love the main character Cassie, and you find yourself really cheering her on in her quest to discover herself.

I was asked to read this due to my perspective as a Wiccan. Some of the themes in this book are derived from several nature based religions (and some not so much) and they have been delicately meshed.. yes meshed.. together to not only be respectful but also what HK Savage has done is create an alternate view of the world, one we "regulars" had no idea existed.

Review of The Five Santas by Jay Mims:

The holidays, shopping mall Santas, and murder? Who would have ever thought that those three elements would make for a great murder mystery book? The Five Santas by Jay Mims was a well thought-out story about a private investigator named Mr. Dan Landis, who tries to uncover the mysteries behind the murders of the department store Santas.

Mims’ character development for Mr. Dan Landis was radiant. He is your atypical detective that manages to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The private investigator has a strange sense of humor that I found myself laughing and smiling throughout the book. Even his investigation process is out of the norm but pulls the reader in to investigate alongside Mr. Dan Landis. The other characters are carefully crafted that readily engages the reader page-by-page.

The conclusion of the story was just the right mixture of satisfaction and anticipation. Mims has provided us a great holiday/murder mystery story that is surely appreciated. Mims’ writing style was easy to follow and had myself guessing who the culprit is until the end. It was a fun and suspenseful story. It was a perfect read during this merry time of the year. I look forward to Mims’ works as The Five Santas made me a fan of his.

                                                -- Jean Book Nerd

What a different book- a breath of fresh air!

In a world of detective stories filled with overt violence and constantly seething rage, this is one that takes a lighter approach. Mims' first effort is fun, page turning and he really finds his voice as he goes along. He drops some big bombs right at the end and I am very interested in what happens next. I would recommend this book to any age group going down to middle school. Very family friendly. Low violence even though it's a murder mystery and the romance is sweet, not explicit.

As a publisher Heather Savage consistently displays intelligent advice, warm encouragement, and a rock steady editing ability. She has a tendency to suggest the painful changes that we all dread, but in a really nice way. And with an occasional Doctor Who reference. However, I have grown to trust her editing advice implicitly.

I would recommend any writer work with Staccato, as they have always been friendly, professional, and wonderful to me. I expect great things from them. 

--Jay Mims, The Five Santas

**Jay has signed on for the duration of his mystery series, The Oncoming Storm.


Guest blog for top Amazon author Rachael Wade on the direction of vampire literature:

Savage sees start of new publishing wave

by Nathan Warner (Star News, January 23, 2012)
Contributing writer

Local author Heather Savage has brought professional, affordable book publishing home to Zimmerman.

HK Savage

Savage launched Staccato Publishing in March of 2011, reaching out to authors worldwide that share her vision of what independent, local, grassroots book publishing looks like.  “We’re writers that don’t need to sell a million copies of a book to consider ourselves successful,” she says, “We measure success by the people around us that enjoy our writing.”

Savage is the author of the Empath Trilogy and “Life Blood,” which have sold over 2,000 copies and have fans in more than 19 countries. As owner of Staccato Publishing, a small-scale, independent book publishing company in Zimmerman that she jump-started in March, she publishes authors in the mystery/thriller and paranormal genres.

The company currently employs five editors and draws on a developing network of reviewers that work with new and established authors.  Far from limiting herself to local authors, Savage takes on writers from as far away as Australia and presently features the work of Jay Mims, author of “The Five Santas,” who lives in South Carolina.

Staccato Publishing offers publication through standard book contracts or Print Packages. Book contracts cater to writers who want to reach a large audience outside of their community, featuring professional publication in print and e-book, marketing and distribution. All books published through Staccato under contract are available for purchase through online stores such as and

Photo by Nathan Warner. HK Savage at a book signing at Reading Frenzy BookShop in Zimmerman recently, where the author and publisher marketed her books.

Print Packages, on the other hand, cater to people who want their book printed for their own use and not necessarily for wide distribution.

Savage has a background in print and still works part time as a senior production manager with Berthelot Marketing Services Inc.

Her journey toward becoming an independent publisher began as a writer when she sought publication for her works in the traditional vein through a literary agency.

Savage says literary agents are the middlemen of the publishing industry and act as gatekeepers between writers seeking publication and the publishing houses. She added that even if an author is fortunate enough to find a literary agent to consider their work, the literary agent must still convince publishers to publish it, which doesn’t always happen.  She says the direction the mainstream publishing industry has migrated has made the pathway to publication much more difficult — especially for new authors.

“In my case,” Savage says, “once I found a literary agent to promote my book to the publishers, they took it through a rigorous editing process and then it was edited again by the publishers until it came back to me almost unrecognizable. Between the agents and the publishers, they wanted to edit everything — including the plot!”

According to Savage, a good publisher should always edit an author’s work but only to help them clean their vision, not rediscover it for them. She decided she was not interested in seeking standard publication if it resulted in significant alterations to her manuscript, so she put her knowledge to work and started her own publication house.

Savage is not alone. She says that with the advent of the Internet, small-scale, local and e-book publishers have blossomed across the country, offering writers an alternative to elitist mainstream publishers.

“The wave of the future is going to be grassroots publishers that partner with local, independent bookshops such as Reading Frenzy in Zimmerman and feature independent authors,” Savage said.

This local publisher describes her emerging movement as highly adaptive, using the Internet and social networking tools to full advantage. She pointed to the emerging e-book market, which she says is picking up momentum and fueling the wave of publishing independence.

Savage hopes to grow her publishing business but at a gentle pace and within the mystery genre for now.

“We consider ourselves a boutique publishing company,” she said. “We’re not huge and we never plan to be.”

Staccato Publishing also offers editing services. Visit Staccato Publishing or Heather at


“I just adore Jay Mims’s style, he’s not like anyone else and I love it!”

        --Mystery Book Club, Reading Frenzy Bookshop

**Nominated 2012 MIPA Award, Mystery genre

“I loved this book!” 

                                    -- Goodreads reviewer

5 Stars

                                    -- Open Book Society

“Dark and captivating”

                                -- Tam’s Two Cents

If you are looking for a moving and dark YA fantasy, with beautiful tender moments of love and compassion, then by sure to purchase yourself a copy of My Demonic Ghost.


                                            -- Bex ‘n’ Books

**Nominated 2012 MIPA Award, Paranormal

“A masterpiece!”

        -- Young Adult and Teen Readers

“I couldn’t put this one down!”

        -- Paranormal Book Club

**Nominated 2012 MIPA Award,

Young Adult

“Savage is a flippin’ brilliant writer!”

“Savage’s Empath Trilogy blew me away so I was expecting big things. This one more than delivered!”

                    -- Young Adult and Teen Readers

“I can honestly say this is the best book Savage has ever written.”

                        -- Paranormal Book Club

“I absolutely loved this book.”

                        -- Goodreads reviewer

5 Stars from Bookend 2 Bookend

Nominated for 2013 Nebula Award Science Fiction Writers of America

Amazon Best Seller and put HK Savage into the top 50 authors slot for nearly two months

“CS Yelle’s writing is a treat for the senses. You’ll crave more with every book.”

                -- Raine Thomas, Winner 2012 Best YA Sci Fi or Fantasy Novel, UtopYA


                    -- Mel’s Book Blog

2012 Top 3 finalist Midwest Independent Publishers Awards, Sci Fi/ Paranormal