Jay Mims


About Jay Mims:

Jay Mims lives two miles past nowhere with a cat he calls Eartha Kitty and his passive-aggressive Dalek roommate named Steve. Jay has two books out in the Dan Landis mystery series “The Five Santas” and “Cult of Koo Kway”. His third book, “The Gray Ghost Inn” is due out Fall 2013. When not writing Jay watches too much television, dreams of being an astronaut, and feeds carrots to the three Shetland ponies next door. Jay’s convinced that they only like him because he brings them carrots.

Praise for Jay Mims:

“I’m a fan of Dan Landis!”

                    -Jean Book Nerd

“He reminds me of Kinky Friedman. I couldn’t put it down!”

                    -Mystery Book Club

“What a breath of fresh air. In a world of detective stories, this one takes a fresh approach.”

                    -Reviewer for The Five Santas

Author of

The Oncoming Storm series:

When someone’s trying to kill you, the one guy you want watching your back is Dan Landis. But when Dan becomes a target who does he turn to?

With a house on fire, lives on the line, and a target on his back Dan Landis must do whatever it takes to win. He’s in a race and this time the prize is SURVIVAL.

Book 3, The Gray Ghost Inn

Private Investigator Dan Landis just wants to have a nice relaxing vacation with his best friend, Leroy Brown. They've got two rooms booked at the luxurious Gray Ghost Inn in beautiful Warrenton, Virginia. Everything was all set except now Abbey, Dan's new partner, has decided she wants to go too.
And wherever Dan and Abbey go, trouble isn't too far behind. Dan, Abbey, and Doc get snowed in with a crazy crowd: Betsey Butler, the Southern Belle hostess; her obnoxious brother Dave "Big Bear" Butler; and Dave's ex-wife, Em.
When a body turns up in the library, Dan realizes his simple vacation isn't so simple anymore. And what's worse, he's trapped in the Gray Ghost Inn with a killer.
Jay Mims, author of The Five Santas and Cult of Koo Kway returns with his unique brand of storytelling, taking readers on a wild and entertaining ride into the eccentric world of Dan Landis and friends.

Book 2, The Cult of Koo Kway

Dan, Abbey, and Doc are all back and so is trouble in this second novel by cozy mystery author, Jay Mims.

Dan’s sister Jules, high profile criminal defense attorney, has asked for his help with a very dangerous client. Just as soon as Dan takes the case, Doc shows up poisoned on Dan’s doorstep and the only clue is a reference to an old movie, The Cult of Koo Kway.

Book 1, The Five Santas

Someone is killing department store Santas, but why? 

Dan Landis, subjected to working Loss Prevention at a local department store for the season intends to find out.  Only if he can stop tripping over red velvet draped corpses long enough to investigate.

I really enjoyed this fun, entertaining mystery/detective novel. The characters are quirky and realistic--I especially loved Dan's sense of humor, and all his pop culture/movie/TV references and one-liners. A well-plotted mystery, a touch of future romantic possibility, and five santas... what's not to love?                            - Reviewer, The Five Santas

2012 Midwest Independent Publisher Award  Nominee- Mystery